Leather Belt 009

Leather belt 009
This leather belt is sourced form the best quality full grain leather, with 31 years experience in the leather trade we can guarantee all our products.

All our leather are made of top qaulity full grain cowhide, which gives them the durability of years worth of wear, as well as feeling fantastic and luxurious.

When dealing direct with us, you will save between 25-50% on the retail price and some times more.
We offer a 7 days money back guarantee and also free shipping through out New Zealand
Leather belt 009 details
Sizes: 35mm width
XS 69cm to 79cm
S 74cm to 83cm
M 82cm to 92cm
L 87cm to 97cm
XL 95cm to 105cm
XXL 105cm to 115cm
( these measurements are from the buckle to the first hole to the last hole, There are 5 holes all together. Their is another 10cm left on the belts from the last hole)

Link: Leather belt 09 – Leather Image Top quality leather belt

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